Welcome to the Aferdoc Blog

Welcome to the Aferdoc Blog

Hello, Welcome to the Aferdoc Blog.

Iam glad to introduce to you the Aferdoc Blog, a health education site of Project Aferdoc. Project Aferdoc on Aferdoc.com is being developed by Aferdoc Inc, as a telemedicine service for Africa, with the objective of increasing healthcare access for all African citizens with the use of ICT, inclusive of mobile health.

Africa faces challenges in the healthcare sector which are very unique to it; different from those of the more developed continents. Africa troubles with HIV/AIDS epidemic,70% of those affected living in sub-saharan Africa, according to WHO and malaria, with 90% of cases occuring in sub-saharan Africa according to WHO. On top of those, we have diarrhea, malnutrition, rising hypertension,etc.

For all those challenges stated above, Africa continues to suffer with poverty, very poor access to healthcare services, coupled with a very limited healthcare workforce, with almost all African countries having less than 1 doctor per 1000 people.

At Aferdoc Inc, we believe technology has a place to play in finding solutions to Africa’s healthcare problems, more possibly now that mobile penetration has vastly increased and data services are more affordable. The Aferdoc Blog has been established to provide health education to any one in Africa. The blog is written exclusively by doctors, who are also in position to answer questions pertaining your health. The blog will also cover new innovations in the Africa healthcare context.The blog contains different categories of information like HIV/AIDS, malaria, pregnancy, diarrhea, hypertension. Therefore a user can selectively educate their self.

Project Aferdoc on aferdoc.com is a webservice being built to enable access to Africa’s best doctors online and offline via USSD and will be available for use in a short time.The service will provide network-enabled doctor consultations for health advice and prescription across all devices, for a small fee and will endeavour to provide doctors by state, so users can have a customized experience. Project Aferdoc is being developed in Kampala, Uganda.

We wish you a marvellous experience with our service and please never forget to comment and enable us to improve this service.

About the author

Samuel Kagamba is a medical doctor,computer programmer and entrepreneur; very passionate about developing technologies to improve healthcare delivery in Africa.Off duty, he loves soccer and making new friends.Follow him on twitter
@samuelkagamba or email him at kagsam332@outlook.com. facebook account: Samuel Kagamba.

Samuel Kagamba – who has written posts on Aferdoc Blog.

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