Ask the doctor: Can herbs work on hypertension?

Ask the doctor: Can herbs work on hypertension?

Ask the doctor: Can herbs work on hypertension?

Can herbs work on hypertension

Hypertension refers to the state of the body in which the blood pressure is raised way above normal usually resulting in effects on your overall health like Cardiovascular disease, heart attack or stroke.The risk for cardiovascular disease beginning at blood pressure of 115/75 mmHg, doubles with each increment of 20/10 mmHg. Further more,individuals who are normotensive(have normal blood pressure) at 55 years of age have a 90% lifetime risk of developing hypertension. Individuals with a systolic BP of 120-139mmHg or a diastolic BP of 80-89mmHg should be considered prehypertensive and require health-promoting lifestyle modifications to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Having the following signs and symptoms may indicate that your blood pressure is going up:

  1. severe headache
  2. chest pain
  3. irregular heart beat
  4. Nose bleeds
  5. Difficulty in breathing
  6. Easy fatigue
  7. problems with vision

Can herbal remedies work for hypertension? The answer is YES; but have to be used with precaution and guidance from your doctor. Note that not all herbs you’ve heard from rumours work. Here i present to you a list of herbal remedies which Cochrane, a medical testing organisation, has proved to help in control of hypertension.

  1. Green Tea(camelia sinensis): Research shows that consumption of green tea can significantly lower your risk of developing hypertension. A 2013 Cochrane review of randomized controlled trials conclude that green tea consumption for 3-6 months appears to lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure a small amount(about 3mmHg each).
  2. Soy bean: Research has proven that including soy bean in your meal everyday can decrease systolic blood pressure(SBP) by about 9.9%(15mmHg) in a hypertensive person and diastolic blood pressure by about 6.8%(nearly 6mmHg). A handful of dry-roasted unsalted soy nuts is especially convenient and satiating option for patients.
  3. Celery: This is also a vegetable, very common, easily found in our African markets, even here in Kampala ,Uganda.Studies have proved that its juice and seeds are safe and effective treatments for high blood pressure , in up to 87.5% of patients included in the study.
  4. Oats:As common as oats are, they’ve been found to decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in patients with hypertension.
  5. Garlic: For individuals with increased systolic blood pressure, garlic may decrease blood pressure through the increase of nitric oxide production.

It is also important to note that before you use every other herbal remedy taht you can come across, please consult your doctor because a number of them have actual drug ineractions with a number of medicines you may be taking. You can also always reach our doctors here on for expert advice.

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