Painful periods(menstrual cramps) and how to deal with them.

Painful periods(menstrual cramps) and how to deal with them.

Painful periods(menstrual cramps) and how to deal with them.

Painful Periods(menstrual cramps) and how to deal with them

Menstrual periods refer to that time of the month when a woman passes blood from her reproductive organs. It’s supposed to be a normal process for every woman starting shortly after puberty(which starts at about 12 years of age). Menstruation is usually associated with a ittle discomfort in most women. But for some women, the process is too painful, too discomforting and disrupts their daily routine and productivity. The condition is mdicaly called dysmenorrhea and it is of 2 types: 1)primary; which are the normal periods a woman develops shorty after puberty.Such pains decrease as a woman ages and may even disappear when she starts bearing children. 2)Secondary; This one develops due to an underlying problem with the woman’s reproductive system for example;

  • pelvic inflammatory disease: an infection of the reproductive system caused by bacteria
  • endometriosis; a condition where uterine tissue grows outside of the uterus and causes bleeding periodically.
  • fibroids; which are abnormal growths in or on the wall of the uterus.

Cramps are normally caused by contraction of the uterus, the muscle which jolds the baby. Whenit contracts very strongly, it could press blood vessels cutting off oxygen supply resulting in the following signs and symptoms;

  • pain in the abdomen
  • pain in hips
  • pain in the lower back
  • pain in inner thighs
  • when severe

  • vomiting
  • loose stools

While menstrual cramps can be very discomforting and could be very disconforting and potentiatialy a very serious productivity killer, you could manage them by doing the following;

  • take a pain killer like panadol(acetaminofen), ibuprofen, aspirin,e.t.c
  • take a warm shower for some relief
  • get a hot water bottle and place on your back or a warm padding
  • Always do exercises; they reduce severity of symptoms
  • avoid smoking
  • avoid drinking alcohol
  • take enough rest
  • avoid foods that contain caffeine e.g coffee drinks and salt.

When you’ve tried doing the above and your menstrual cramps are persisting way beyond 3 days, then consider seeing your doctor for advice or contact one of our doctors on for guidance.

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  1. Sarah Ritah Nankanja

    On addition to cramps during the menstrual periods, women need to watch out their diet in general. Since most of them have bad eating habits, caution should be taken a few days to their period. They should avoid fatty foods since they trigger the formation of prostaglandins (PG2) that cause inflammation hence the pain.

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