Ask the doctor: How can i remove pimples from my face?

Ask the doctor: How can i remove pimples from my face?

Ask the doctor: How can i remove pimples from my face?

Ask the doctor: How can i remove pimples from my face?

I am yet to meet a lady who is comfortable with pimples on their face when almost all the other women are seeking to have faces as clear as glass. Not news right? For the teenagers, especially in high school, pimples just spell trouble and everyone is fighting to remove them. But before you seek to remove them, it is important for you to know what can cause you pimples.

So what causes the pimples?

Pimples(acne) are mostly caused by three things;

  • Male hormones(Androgens): the more active the higher the chance, that’s why teenagers are culprits.
  • bacteria:Some bacteria that sits on your skin can help cause pimples.
  • Fatty acids: Which are mostly produced by your oil glands of the skin.

Have pimples? Take Caution.

  • avoid picking them i.e pressing or squeezing them.
  • avoid putting on hats, helmets or head gear.
  • Eat healthy, take less junk, don’t do a lot of irish potato chips or soft drinks like sodas
  • Wash your face gently with your hands or soft cloth, to avoid rupturing the pimple bumps.
  • avoid heavy make up if you’re a lady, as it will block your skin pores.

So how are pimples treated?

Pimples are treated successfully with a combination of drugs which are prescribed depending on established cause by your doctor.Some of these remedies can even be purchased over the counter of your pharmacy. Some of them include:

  • Retinoids:These are in 2 formats; smear and oral. The smear ones, also called Topical retinoids include substances like adapalene, tazarotene and tretinoin, Tazorac, differin. You smear your face once daily but less frequently if irritation occurs. If irritation occurs, your doctor will prescribe for you a non-irritating cleanser. These smears though will require you to get sun protection i.e you dont need to stand in the hot scorching sun when on this medication.
    2)Oral retinoids:Isotretinoin is the the most common one. It’s available in brands like Claravis, Zenetane and Myorisan. While on this medication, you need to inform your doctor about your pregnancy status; and checks have to be done to avoid side effects.This treatment is usually reserved for severe forms of acne.
  • Antibiotics:These are also available in smears e.g clindamycin but usually have to be combined with retinoid smears and benzoyl peroxide for the best effects
    N.B;- You can actually buy benzoyl peroxide lotion over the counter of your pharmacy. It’s available in brands like Brevoxyl,Triaz, Clearasil, Stridex,etc.
    -You can also get panoxyl bar soap for your everyday use
    -You can also get the benzoyl peroxide in form of creams and gels for example Persagel, over the counter of your pharmacy.
    -You can as well use salicylic acid soaps or cleansers as part of your lifestyle to help clear the pimples.
    Other times your doctor may prescribe for you oral antibiotics for example doxycycline, minocycline or tetracycline.
  • Hormonal therapy:Hormones for example Estrogen can be prescribed by your doctor for the pimples. Therefore sometimes you may have to take oral contraceptive pills for this effect. Another hormone, Spironolactone can also be used.
  • Diet: For diet, not so much is conclusive but it pays to keep away from irish potato chips and soft drinks like sodas.
  • If you get any problems while using any of the over the counter creams, soaps or gels, please visit your doctor or you can contact a dermatologist online at for immediate help. Our doctors are always available to help you instantly.

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