Ask the doctor: how can i prevent an asthma attack?

Ask the doctor: how can i prevent an asthma attack?

Ask the doctor: how can i prevent an asthma attack?

Ask the doctor: how can i prevent an asthma attack?

Am sure all of you have heard of someone with Asthma or one who claims they have Asthma; could be your relative, friend or acquaintance. Either way, most people don’t really understand what asthma is, let alone how to deal with it. I hope this information shall help you.

So what’s Asthma?

Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the lungs caused by an allergic reaction of the respiratory system.

So how do you know you have Asthma?

A person with asthma will usually experience the following symptoms

  • Coughing
  • shortness of breath
  • wheezing(those cat like sounds)
  • Chest pain
  • Chest tightness

A person having Asthma is described as being asthmatic. Now being asthmatic or living with an asthmatic is a situation where you’re going to need to be knowledgeable about asthma, lest the panic that results from an asthma attack drives you nuts.

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Since an asthma attack develops as an allergic reaction per say, being away from allergens(objects that spark off the attack) is one of the main stays in the management of asthma. You need to control your environment or the environment in which your loved one lives, to avoid or reduce the frequency of attacks. Most of this control actually occurs in the home, because most people spend about 50% of their time at home. While at home, take note of the following;

  • Domestic animals
    -Many domestic animals, but mostly cats will cause you trouble, because their dander(small fur) ,saliva, urine or serum protein becomes allergen to you, which can spark off an asthma attack.
    -Remove domestic animals from home or at least keep them away from your bedroom.
    -If you think you can’t do away with your domestic animals, then you might have to wash the cats and dogs at least twice a week.
    Note:Cat antigens can remain in the home even 6 months after the cat has been removed.
  • Cockroaches
    -Cockroach allergens can spark off an asthma attack. You need to do away with cockroaches using any possible means; spraying, powder, traps, baits, whatever can work. If you try the fumigation and it fails, then you might have to change residence.
    -Remember to keep food out of your bedroom and never leave food in the open.
  • Dust mites
    -Dust mites can spark off an asthma attack so you need to consistently deal with them.
    -These mites stay in the dust. So if you have dust in your home, you’re in trouble.
    -To avoid these dust mites, use impervious covers on your mattresses, pillows, comforters, etc and keep washing other bedding in hot water at least above 55 degrees Celsius.
    -Remove rugs from your bedroom.
    -Limit upholstered furniture
    -Reduce the number of window blinds
    -Always put your clothes in closets or drawers
    -Decrease the number of soft toys at home.
  • Molds
    Molds in your home can spark off an asthma attack. You need to keep them on the low like this:
    -You need to keep things in your home dry.
    – Remove carpets from wet floors.
    – Remove old wall papers
    -Always clean with bleach products
    -Store your firewood outdoors.
  • Pollen
    Pollen, yes,those particles from the plants, can also spark off an asthma attack. You’ve got to keep these on the low too:
    -Use air conditioning if you can afford it in your home
    -Endeavor to Close your windows and doors especially in the flowering season of the plants
    -You can also choose to stay inside during midday and afternoon when pollen is highest.
    -Put on sunglasses and a face mask if you have to do some lawn mowing.

If you’re in a non-home environment, you still have to take caution:

  • Avoid tobacco smoke. Do not smoke or be around someone who smokes
  • Vehicle fumes could affect you if you stay too long in traffic.

Well, this is not all there’s about asthma, but it pays for you to know how to control your environment so as to avoid or reduce the frequency of asthma attacks. If you need to know more about asthma, please visit your doctor or a find a doctor online at for instant help. Our doctors are always available for you.

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  1. gibert

    Thanks so much Dr Samuel . i have learned alot of things i dint know about asthma that can help my asthmatic Frd. Things like old papers on walls, animal far , molds and dust . i dint expect all that.
    Though my question remains , is asthma curable???

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