Ask the doctor: how can i stop bad breath?

Ask the doctor: how can i stop bad breath?

Ask the doctor: how can i stop bad breath?

Ask the doctor: how can i stop bad breath?

Once in a while you get to talk to a person with a bad breath from their mouth. Of course it ain’t amusing and you can try to stand this person

only if they’re your close friend, relative or close business partner. Truth be told, bad breath is even a turn off!

But then, if you have bad breath, there’s hope for cure. Bad breath is completely manageable. For you to manage it well, you need to know a few

things about it.1)You may not know you have it until you ask a close friend. 2) the odor varies from person to person.

So what causes bad breath?

  • The food you eat:The foods we eat affect our mouth odors. Foods like garlic, onions and very mixed spices are going to directly affect

    you breath. Compunds of digestion of such foods are passed to the lungs and can be passed as breath.

  • Bad mouth hygiene: If you dont brush your teeth as often as required, it’s easy for you to have rotting food particles remaining in your

    mouth which result in having a bad odor.Bacteria work on any food particles remaining in your mouth, and on rotting ,the bad odor surfaces. Wondering

    how many times to brush ? Well, you should brush every after a meal.

  • smoking:Ever talked to a smoker?…then you know what i mean. Smoking those tobacco products simply disorganises your breath.
  • Having a dry mouth: Yes, if your mouth produces very little saliva for whatever reason, chances are that your breath will be bad!

    Why?…Because one of the roles of saliva is to clean your mouth and wash away the remaining food particles.

  • Infections: A number of infections in and around the mouth can cause you to have bad breath for example, tooth decay, gum disease,

    infections in the nose, sinuses or even throat.

Knowing what could be causing you that bad breath is good, but better still, is knowing how to go about it. Key to managing the bad breath is

idntifying the cause, but the following can be done so as to manage it;

  • Using mouth washes and specific tooth pastes. There are some mouth washes and toothpastes that contain antibacterial agents that

    help kill bacteria in the mouth and deal with the bad odor for example Colgate Total Mouth wash can be very helpful. Note that some mouth washes are

    cosmetic while others are therapeutic. Therapeutic ones give you a fresh breath instantly but also help in killing bacteria.

  • Treating the mouth infection: If the cause of the bad odor is gum disease, then it should be treated. If the infection is in other parts say

    the nose or throat, the dentist will refer you to a corresponding specialist who can handle the case e.g an Ear,Nose or throat surgeon.

  • stop smoking
  • Reduce on eating very spicy foods, or foods containing garlic or too much onions
  • Eat mints when you can. They can also give you an instant fresh breath.

It’s also true that some breathers have been made to detect bad breath but the easiest way for you today to find out if you have bad breath is

asking a very close friend. Mind you, should you find out you have bad breath, please visit a dentist for dental check up or you can immediately contact

our online doctors at for immediate help. Our doctors are always available to help you live


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