About us

About us

About Aferdoc Blog

Aferdoc Blog is the health education site of aferdoc.com, an online Medical consultation Platform being developed by Aferdoc Inc, to increase healthcare acess in Africa using ICT(via eHealth, mHealth) to power telemedicinein Africa through web-services . The blog provides health education to all citizens of Africa to enable them live healthier lives. The blog is written by professional African doctors,nutritionists and health journalists tackling all health issues like HIV/AIDS, malaria, malnutrition,etc. The blog allows users to ask the doctors questions about various health topics that affect their health.The doctors answer these questions here for free.

The team at Aferdoc Inc is made up of professsional doctors and computer programmers who are working collaboratively to make sure the users get a good experience with the service.

Project Aferdoc is being developed in Uganda. In Uganda, there is about 1 doctor for every 7000 people yet WHO recommends about 1 doctor for a maximum of 600 people. These very few doctors are mostly located in the urban centers leaving most of the rural population very under served. Most prescriptions are being done over the counter of small drug shops by far less trained health workers leading to very poor treatment and irrational drug use.This problem is not unique to Uganda, but crosses all across sub-saharan Africa. Therefore we decided to work on Project Aferdoc to extend the reach of our doctors, so that the rural communities can be helped.

Project Aferdoc is a web service being built on aferdoc.com to enable access to Africa’s best doctors online and offline via USSD on any device. It will be a telemedicine service for Africa to enable citizens to access health advice, consultation and prescriptions for common health conditions over their phones, tablets or computers, for a small fee.

Our team

Dr.Samuel Kagamba-Project Manager
Mr.Allan Ampulire-Manager- Software Development
Ms.Tana Nangozi-Public Relations Officer.