Writing guidelines

Writing Guidelines

The Aferdoc Blog is about health education and news about the healthcare space of Africa. It’s a multi-author site accepting content from doctors, nutritionists and health journalists. These guidelines are for you to know about the kind of content we accept here.


-All professional health topics are accepted, inclusive of general medicine, paediatrics, orthopaedics, public health, nutrition and other medical specialties. The above specialties have been simplified into categories under which you can write about; so as to educate everyone in Africa about their health the African way.

-All viable health news is accepted here. It can be news about research, latest innovations in medicine, healthtech inclusive of eHealth i.e mHealth(mobile health), telemedicine, e.t.c. You can also report about developments in your government’s health policies, inclusive of its approach to the various keys of healthcare delivery. A category of health news has been included for these.

-Unrelated posts or useless submissions will not be published here.

-Comments; these are people’s reactions about your article that we have published. You should answer people’s querries via comments section so you can help sort out their querries.

-Your article should not be too short. It should be atleast about 700 words.Cover your topic completely, as no one likes incomplete content. Try to be as original as possible but if any part of your article has been picked from another, please give credit where it’s due.


-Articles should be written in the simplest manner to enable a lay man understand the information being dissipated.

-Headings of the articles should be catchy enough to encourage the readers to read through.

-Backlinks to related content in the health sector are accepted. Links to non-medical sectors will not be allowed.

What to do

If you’ve read and understood the above specifications, you can send your articles to kagsam332@outlook.com. I will read through and then respond to you with feedback via email, about the article before we publish it. After we have approved your article, we will create a guest author profile for you, and you can submit the post from the Aferdoc dashboard.